About Verybusymonkey Designs

About Verybusymonkey

When I was a little girl, the only thing I wanted from the time I could speak was to ride horses. My parents, knowing horseback riding is a costly hobby that would only lead to me wanting my own horse, tried to distract me.

I roller skated, I danced, and I took every craft class known to mankind. I can now do pretty much any craft thrown in front of me, but the only one that stuck oddly enough was crochet and in the years since I showered every close friend and family member with at least one afghan.

Knitting, I always thought, was too boring, required too much counting, didn’t have the stitch variation like crochet, and, most importantly, just took too long. But several years ago, while studying for a large Ph.D. qualifying exam, I realized that I needed to keep my hands busy while I sat around nervously studying and reading all day. Crochet was out because I need to look at what I’m doing for that, but knitting actually worked.

I still do a bit of crochet, needlework, etc. from time to time, but I’ve been knitting obsessively ever since. Oh, and I now have two horses. :)

Where else to find me

Right now this site is a work in progress. I have nearly 200 designs, so it will take a while to get everything loaded here. Also, some of my designs will not be available here (some free patterns designed for specific sources and collections), but everything is available on Ravelry. I also have a great group of knitters on there if you're interested in participating in KAL's.

You can also follow me on Instagram (link below) to see sneak peeks of my works in progress and for sale/discount information.